Housing Tax Credit Investor Information

Housing Tax Credit-financed properties in Iowa are home to thousands of working-class individuals and families. Investing in a Housing Tax Credit project offers a low-risk investment in much-needed affordable housing. Investors have found a great sense of pride, as well as competitive returns, by investing in affordable housing for Iowans since 1986.
Some of the many benefits Housing Tax Credit investors may realize include:

  • Most Housing Tax Credit investors earn a competitive return on their investment. 
  • Housing Tax Credits may qualify as a Community Reinvestment Act credit. 
  • While investors naturally share some risk, that risk is small. All Housing Tax Credit applications are thoroughly underwritten and completed projects are closely monitored to ensure their compliance with various federal and state regulations. 
  • New construction or rehabilitated housing is vital to local economic development . An investment in an Iowa Housing Tax Credit project creates jobs and supports the local tax base.
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Dave Vaske | Housing Tax Credit Manager