Iowa Finance Authority

The Iowa Legislature created Iowa Title Guaranty to provide guarantees of Iowa real property titles, facilitate mortgage lenders’ participation in the secondary market and to help assure the integrity of Iowa’s land-title system.

As a division of the Iowa Finance Authority, Iowa Title Guaranty is totally self-supporting. All revenue in excess of operation expenses i
s transferred to the Iowa Finance Authority to support affordable housing initiatives in Iowa

Iowa Title Guaranty offers Commitments, Certificates and Endorsements that provide low cost title protection for real estate located in Iowa. Iowa Title Guaranty issues coverage based on an abstract and attorney title opinion.

Once a participating abstractor prepares an abstract, a participating attorney reviews and then issues a title opinion or Iowa Title Guaranty Commitment. All Iowa Title Guaranty Commitments, Certificates and Endorsements are issued using the industry standard ALTA forms. 

For a residential transaction, coverage up to $500,000 is just $140 and an additional $1 per thousand over $500,000. Most common endorsements are offered at no charge. For a non-purchase residential transaction such as a refinance or second mortgage, the premium is just $140 for coverage up to $500,000. Iowa Title Guaranty provides FREE Owner’s Coverage when issued in conjunction with Lender’s Coverage. 

Once the transaction is complete and new mortgage documents are recorded, the abstract is updated. Then, either the participant or Iowa Title Guaranty will issue the Certificate.


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