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Iowa Title Guaranty Participating Abstractors maintain 40-year title plants (sometimes called a tract index). By statute, such a tract index is defined as an index of all material in the County Recorder’s Office going back 40 years or more, the index encompassing an area of not more than one block in the case of platted real estate nor more than one section in the case of unplatted real estate.

An exception to the plant requirement exists for participating attorneys who were abstracting prior to November of 1986 when Iowa Title Guaranty was established. These attorneys are exempt from the 40-year tract index requirement. There is at least one Participating Abstractor in every county.

Some of Iowa Title Guaranty’s Participating Abstractors provide closing and settlement services, including the issuance of Commitments and Certificates.  

Participating Abstractors must maintain liability insurance at minimum in the amount of $500,000 per transaction and $1,000,000 overall.

To become a Participating Abstractor:

  • Submit a Participation Application
  • Submit a check for $25, payable to Iowa Title Guaranty for each approved service
  • Once Iowa Title Guaranty has reviewed and approved your application, you must review and sign a Participant Agreement which includes your Iowa Title Guaranty Participant Number. This number must be inlcuded on all abstracts, commitments and certificates prepared for Iowa Title Guaranty purposes.  
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